Have you ever wondered how a website can impact your business? Look around you right now, most of the things you see are created by a company that has a website, and most likely the website is one of their biggest assets in making sales. In 2018 a website can give your business new life, opening your eyes on limitless technological possibility that we have today. You can reach billions of people by stepping into the online world, and if you do it right, those billions can end up in your bank account.

Before Modern Web Media 80 Day Stats:


Page views


Free week pass sign ups


Appointments booked



After Modern Web Media, First 80 Day Stats:


Page views


Free week pass sign ups


Appointments booked

The gym had 97 more tours and 39 more members for the months of June, July and August compared to last year. The gym also just hired a whole new inexperienced sales staff. How much is one client worth? The most basic membership is $30, and the length of the contract is 2 years (if the plan is month to month then the rate is a lot higher). Thus, the lifetime worth of one member is $720

Profit made by the gym in the first three months of the new website launching: 


How much money was spent on advertising or promoting? – $0

Do websites work? Absolutely !

As you may have noticed, the gym already had a website, but it just wasn’t selling itself. This is the perfect example of how much a website can transform a business. I really like to compare websites to cars; the industry, the gym, is in is a drag race, the car they are using is their website. When Bellingham Fitness arrives at the drag strip with their ‘ol site (the old Honda Civic) they are lined up against a modern web-developed Porsche! The winner is obvious. A website has the power to make or break your business. Before, people would come into the gym and complain on how difficult it was to sign up for the free week pass or even get in contact with them but after the website launch, the free week pass sign ups increased by 5050%. This is a true representation of what a good looking and functioning website can do for a business. The website achieved all the stats above with no advertising!

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